Spring Car Care: Refresh Your Vehicle

Drivers from New Haven to Bridgeport, Ansonia to Hamden collectively breathe a sigh of relief as the salted roads and dirty snowbanks finally give way to Spring and Summer weather. However, while citizens of Waterbury hang their winter coats and stow away their gloves, Connecticut vehicles continue to deteriorate at the hands of the winter remnants caked in their undercarriages. Salt, dirt and snow kicked up and into every crevasse of any vehicle that comes into contact with winter will rapidly damage you vehicle--everything from your exterior paint to your floorboards, a vehicle left alone after the Winter months will surely meet its demise far before its well-maintained counterparts.

Road Ready Used Cars: Detailing and Post-Winter Car Care

To ensure the longevity of your vehicle, Road Ready Used Cars proudly offers a car wash and detailing services to keep your vehicle clean and operational despite any hardships endured during the winter. Returning your car to its original luster by removing the disintegrating layers of road salt and grime, Road Ready Used Cars' post-Winter car care services ensure your vehicle receives the care it requires to remain looking its best, while simultaneously retaining its value through proper maintenance and upkeep in the form of rust-prevention via detailing and washing.

Wash Away Winter's Cold Embrace, and Your Vehicle's Salty Mask: Road Ready Used Cars' Car Wash and Spring Detailing

Committed to assisting our neighbors in whatever capacity, Road Ready Used Cars' devotion to keeping New Haven and Bridgeport drivers on the road in safe, sparklingly clean cars results in our attentive Spring car care services. Stop by our dealership today to receive the spa-like vehicle treatment to refresh and revive your car's exterior appearance while extending its longevity. Either stop by our dealership today to receive our services, or call ahead to learn more about our Spring car detailing services and specials!